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Signs You Need to Schedule Duct Cleaning Service

Duct cleaning is mandatory in every three to five years. How you can find out when is the due for duct cleaning ?

The organization has a simple rule of thumb—if your vent system appears dirty, it probably is.

Although much of the ductwork in your home is obscured, you can examine the supply and return vents. Are they dirty? Take off a vent cover and inspect the ductwork. Is the metal coated in dust?

Here are several other signs you need a thorough cleaning:

  • Mold has been discovered in air conditioner, heat pump or air handler.
  • Vents emit dust when your heat or air conditioning starts running.
  • Dust, dirt or pet hair is jammed in vents.
  • Your home is very dusty despite constant cleaning.
  • Your home is newly built, underwent a major renovation or sustained water damage.

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